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It is a little noisy, but I am running it in the basement so it doesn t bother anyone. So after nearly 100 days of mining with the block erupters, I m sitting at <-$91. I hope to keep the temperature of the miner as low as possible using this method. – David Schwartz Nov 13 13 at 2:53 I guess you could mine other coins with this though. Here s the breakdown as of today: 4xUSB erupters @$14. – Vincent P Dec 20 13 at 11:27 add a comment |  up vote 1 down vote Realizing I m very tardy to this post, I d like to throw out this update for those currently googling this question. 1 But there are other SHA512 coins, like namecoin, peercoin, devcoin, freicoin, terracoin.

Instead I have found a small USB fan I bought previously that I can use here. conf Then to run cgminer, but note that you have to be root in order for Ubuntu to recognize the USB miner, so sudo cgminer --config yourconfig. Also I noticed that (at least when plugged into my laptop) the miner heats up even when I am not mining with it, LED lighting. While practically it can run off from 5V DC, the airflow will be severely limited. Background: I purchased 4 erupters back in November 2013- just to run beside my 4x5970s and 3x7950s, it was an experiment and at the time I was pretty new to mining in general. Rather invest in big group buys, or convert to scrypt. Although I doubt that the Block Erupter would live too long if running extensively without some cooling measures.

At the current BTC/USD exchange rate of $578. As a footnote I noticed that when operating the miner from a USB port on my laptop it heats up  much faster than when powering it via an USB hub. However, a CPU fan requires a separate 12V DC power supply.TRON.
. 4Gh/s with these USB erupters, peaking at 2. .RaiBlocks.Syscoin.

Byteball Bytes.
Iconomi to EPC

Bitcoin mining with Block Erupter USB miner and BFGMiner. I’ve previously made a post on how to use your Block Erupters using CGMiner, personally it worked for me ...

You just received your ASICMiner’s Block Erupter and you’re ready to get it mining for some Bitcoins, but you can’t seem to find the instructions anywhere.
Komodo to LAZ

This is a list of currently discussed ASIC bitcoin mining hardware. Please note that some manufacturers have not shown a working product yet, so do your own research ...
OmiseGO to POWER

Electrum. Electrum is a “light-weight” Bitcoin client, which means that, unlike Bitcoin-Qt and Armory, it doesn’t need to download the full block chain before ...
bitcoin mining usb block erupter

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